Mom kissing baby's head at Women's Care

Women’s Care


More Than They Were Expecting

Women’s Care Obstetrics and Gynecology came to Asbury & Co. in search of a new website and better way to connect with mothers-to-be. Our answer was an authentic website featuring real patients and a new tv spot that focused on the joy and miracle of motherhood. The commercial brought tears of joy to at least one new mother, delivered big for their business, and won national awards.

“[Asbury] not only met our desire to connect with our audience, but also met our desire to present ourselves in the larger community with quality and professionalism. Asbury’s real skill was the ability to listen and capture the essence of what we wanted to do. One of the partners in our group recently expressed the impact of Asbury’s work reporting that “others in town are revising their website based on ours… ” and “word on the street is ours is the one to beat…” said Women’s Care CEO John Davisson